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Vietnam Deploying Three Groups Of Solutions To Release Backlog Goods At Cat Lai Port

06/08/02021 | BY linhnt

On July 6th, the Vietnam Ministry of Transport said that after implementing solutions to handle difficulties and obstacles to release goods at Cat Lai port (Ho Chi Minh City), up to now, the volume of cargo inventories have decreased and continue to accelerate the capacity to release goods from the port.

Specifically, the Vietnam Maritime Administration has agreed with the Saigon Newport Corporation to organize the implementation, focusing on 3 main groups of solutions. The first group is increasing the capacity to release goods from the port, has reviewed nearly 200 enterprises with a large amount of imported goods at Cat Lai port, grasping the difficulties of enterprises to have solutions. The main reason is due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, many businesses in the region had to reduce production or stop operating. The Vietnam Maritime Administration has sent an official letter to the People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, the provinces of Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Tay Ninh and Long An to guide, support and create conditions for businesses based in the area to receive goods. reduce pressure on Cat Lai port.

Besides, implementing solutions to increase the exploitation capacity of the port yard. Saigon Newport Corporation actively adjusts container loading between areas to increase the receiving capacity for imported containers; maximize the capacity of loading and unloading, moving empty containers out of the port. Transfer containers of imported goods that have been left over for more than 90 days to Tan Cang Hiep Phuoc port to get more space to store imported containers at Cat Lai port. At the same time, ready to transfer a number of ships to ports in the region: Tan Thuan port with a frequency of 3 trips/week; Ben Nghe Port 3 times/week...

The third group of solutions is to reduce the amount of goods imported to the port. Temporarily stop transferring containers of goods imported from Cai Mep area ports, Tan Cang Hiep Phuoc port to Cat Lai port. Limiting the number of ship routes or delaying the import of imported containers to the port for imported goods from enterprises and factories that are reducing production scale and output.

In recent days, the inventory at Cat Lai port has decreased. On August 4, 2021, the whole port's inventory was 106,760 containers, down about 2.6% compared to August 3. The number of ships entering and leaving Cat Lai port this week was 41 ships, 28.07% lower than the number of 57 ships in the previous week. Imported goods at the port also decreased by 6,370 containers. Saigon Newport Corporation has issued a policy of discounting many services to encourage shippers to receive goods early at Cat Lai and Hiep Phuoc ports to speed up the withdrawal of goods from the yard, as well as create space to Receiving goods imported from ships.

Source: QDND Online