PPI provides 2 types of services: (1) Sourcing and Procurement service and (2) Quality Assurance service

Our process


1. Assess your needs

First of all, we go into as much detailed as possible to understand what you are looking for from potential suppliers, your desired products and PPI Sourcing! After getting that done, we at PPI Sourcing and you -our customers- will certaintly have a much easier time to set up a smooth, streamline and efficient workflow going forward.

2. Understand the product

Secondly, we always seek to unambiguously record and communicate the product specifications so that no misunderstanding may occur and avoid unwarranted waste of time and resources down the road. We take great care to capture all the product details at this stage of learning about the product.

3. Source

Thirdly, we reach out to all suitable suppliers in a timely manner, including both those are our manufacturing partners and also extending our search to other potential manufacturers through various channel, such as trade associations, state and local commerce faciliation agencies,etc. With the aim of looking for the most suitable partners to manufacture your new products, we take abudant times to visit and audit every single potential factories for your products before any production.

4. Quotation

Next, we strike to provide you with quotations from as many manufacturers that we can get to ensure that you are getting the best options available in Vietnam at that time for your order. Normally, that number is 3 or more.The number of quotations we can provide may vary, dependent on a number of factor such as type of products, time of the year, how busy our manufacturing partners are with their current work...

5 .Sampling & Development

We will work closely with our manufacturing partners to manage pre-production (PP) sample development and get the sample signed off before production being set in motion, meaning we will ship the sample to your country for you to see in person and approve of. This is an important milestone prior to going into the next stage of mass production.

6. Production

We will work dilligently with the manufacturer you selected to ensure that everything is going according to plan and keep you up to date with production progress.

7. Quality Control

Quality control is part of our rendered services, and we perform a range of appropriate quality controls on site, such as raw material inspection, on-line production inspection, final quality inspection and loading inspection. The deliverables for our service include photos, videos and inspection reports to customers about the status of product quality before shippment. This means that you can have the peace of mind when it comes to product quality. We will deligently work with the supplier to inform you when your products are ready as soon as possible, so that you can choose the shipping schedule accordingly.

8. Shipment

Lastly, we will coordinate with the manufacturer and you -the buyer- to book appropriate shippment schedule and arrange the products to be shipped to the port normally on FOB delivery terms. Of course, we and our manufacturing partners are open to different shipping terms such as CIF, CFR and FCA, DDU and DDP.

Please send us request and we will help your business with our professional solutions